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Maria sits on the Education Policy and Appropriations Committee

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A mother of three, Maria understands how important education is to ensuring a future for our children and for our country.

As a state representative, Maria visited every elementary school in the district, talking to teachers and administrators to find out firsthand how Tallahassee could improve Florida public schools.

As a State Senator, Maria promoted the Education Forward Summits, which offers open dialogue with local legislators, school board members, teachers, and faculty to discuss valuable educational ideas and concerns.

K-12 Education

The education our children receive in K-12 is a determining factor of so much of their lives and our future. It is the fiber of academic training and of social interactions. It has the ability to build the self-confidence needed to carry students into post-secondary education and into the workforce.

Every day, we are seeing rapid economic changes unfold – locally, nationally and internationally. Proper training for our youngest citizens is the key to prepare them for their future success, and it is never something we should compromise. Reading and math are the very foundation of development. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses for our K-12 students are the framework for future success.

Our education system is indeed intricate. As the member of the Education Policy and Appropriations Committees, Maria sees that complexity manifested at the state level when sponsoring or debating legislation affecting our schools, teachers, children and families. She understands how supportive all of you are of our local educational institutions, and it inspires her to fight even harder for the betterment of our K-12 institutions through effective policies and more funding.

Maria remains a staunch believer that every ounce of energy and every dollar committed to our K-12 educational institutions is a direct investment in our economic development and security. Our children deserve nothing short of the best, and because of this, Maria will continue to fight for you and our schools.


Expanded  foreign language options for global jobs

Maria successfully sponsored legislation that expanded the number of languages available for teacher certification from 4 to 15, as well as legislation which allows teachers to register tuition-free and take classes in our state universities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Assessment Reform

Maria is also a staunch advocate for assessment reform and has worked on legislation that would offer more options for students interested in accelerated high school graduation options.