Boynton Beach City Commission

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Boynton Beach City Commission: Mayor Jerry Taylor, Vice Mayor Joe Casello, Commissioner David Merker, Commissioner Mack McCray & Commissioner Michael Fitzpatrick

The 16 Cities Tour continues in the City of Boynton Beach. Senator Sachs spoke about various issues that came up during the legislative session, but stressed that she was there to hear what issues were priorities for the City of Boynton Beach. Vice Mayor Casello commended Senator Sachs for her advocacy and action on veterans issues and urged here to continue her great work in this area. Commissioner McCray expressed his concern regarding sober homes. Senator Sachs looks forward to continuing her work with the City and its commissioners on these very important issues.

Delray Beach City Commission

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Senator Sachs presentation to the City Commission of Delray Beach expressed her commitment to take action to address local changes due to extreme weather with a focus on funding beach renourishment projects and local flood controls. She also detailed funding for local community services programs and cultural centers including Delray Beach Center for the Arts, Old School Square and Morikami Park.

Lighthouse Point Town Commission

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Lighthouse Point Town Commission: Mayor Glenn Troast, Commission President Earl Maucker, Commission Vice President Becky Lysengen, Commissioner Michael S. Long, Commissioner Sandy Johnson & Commissioner Kyle Van Buskirk

In addressing the Lighthouse Point Town Commission, the Senator detailed her advocacy for State funding to replace the Kingfisher Bridge. The ongoing project is expected to be completed later this year and was paid for entirely by the Florida Department of Transportation. The bridge is a necessary mode of transportation for residents of Lighthouse Point to avoid having to travel out of their way to busy Federal Highway.

Ocean Ridge Town Commission

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Ocean Ridge Town Commission: Mayor Geoffrey Pugh, Vice Mayor Dr. Lynn Allison, Commissioner Gail Adams Aaskov, Commissioner James Bonfiglio & Commissioner Richard Luccibella


As a small community bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Town of Ocean Ridge has a unique set of priorities and challenges. When addressing the Town Commission, Senator Sachs focused on the challenges coastal homeowners face with property insurance. She also detailed the benefits of two bills passed this session regarding insurance. The first bill seeks to help create a private flood insurance market and the another bill provides tools to help claimants during the insurance claims process.