Capitol Update April 7, 2011

The Coalition for Independent Living Options hosted a rally on the proposed cuts in Boynton Beach. Senator Sachs met with hundreds of outraged parents, teachers, and the disabled, all of whom are put in jeopardy by the proposed cuts

Sen. Sachs Fights for Vulnerable Citizens in Budget Debate

The budget was the focus of debate this week in the Florida Senate. The republican controlled legislature proposed a litany of draconian budget cuts that, if passed, would adversely affect the elderly, the disabled, public employees and our children.   The many services that would be impacted include the Medicaid Aged and Disabled (MEDS-AD) program that would be completely eliminated, as well as a $5 million cut from Community Care for the Elderly.  The Agency for Persons with Disabilities would also be slashed, diminishing services for those in need by $90 million.  If these cuts are approved, only “physician services” will qualify for funding through Medicaid waivers and many people with disabilities will be forced from community care into institutions.

Florida’s state employees, who are already paid far less than the national average, including our firefighters and teachers, would be required to take a 5% pay cut in order to continue receiving their current benefits for retirement.

Florida’s children will be shortchanged with anticipated cuts to education and vital children’s […]

Capitol Update April 1

Sen. Sachs Appointed to Joint Legislative Auditing Committee

Senator Sachs has been appointed to the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee, a prestigious group of Senators and State Representatives in charge of ensuring that taxpayer money is properly allocated.

The committee is designed to provide continuous oversight of all government operations by auditing the activities of local governments and certain state offices.  As part of its audit, the committee is authorized to conduct investigations, during which members may hold hearings and are granted the power of subpoena.

“I look forward to this opportunity to ensure Florida’s tax dollars are spent wisely, and to help guard against waste and fraud,” Senator Sachs said Monday. “Florida’s taxpayers deserve nothing less.”

During its first meeting, the committee ordered a sweeping audit of Lake Worth’s sewer system, granting Auditor General David Martin broad leeway to investigate the dispute between the city and its seven regional sewage partners in Palm Beach County- Atlantis, Lantana, Manalapan, Palm Beach, South Palm Beach, Palm Springs and Palm Beach State College.  At the hearing, Senator Sachs stressed the important role of the committee in ensuring against fraud and mismanagement at the local level.  “Any hesitation of any government entity to open its books is suspect,” she told the Palm Beach Post at the close of the proceedings.

Sen. Sachs’ Life Saving Legislation Progresses through Senate

Senator Sachs’ Good Samaritan 911 bill passed through the Criminal Justice Committee […]