“We’ve all already heard why renewable energy is a great idea. It’s now time to move past this conversation and talk about how we can make Florida stronger, how we can make Florida a leader in the technology of the future and how we can create jobs in a sustainable economy.” -Rep Sachs

On Monday September 13, 2010, Representative Sachs and Congressman Ted Deutch hosted a Summit on 21st Century Energy. The event represented a bold effort to construct a new future for Florida’s economy by determining how we can transform our many resources into usable technology. The Summit was a great success that provided the forum for a vital conversation for the future of Florida’s energy policy.

Working Together For Florida

“It was a pleasure working with Congressman Deutch and his staff on this event. I look forward to a long and productive partnership, fighting for the people of Florida and a more sustainable future for our great State.” –Rep Sachs

An impressive panel of experts spoke at the event including representatives from Florida’s major utilities including FPL and TECO, the National Green Energy Council, the United States Department of Energy, Enterprise Florida, Florida Clean Energy Network, Florida Atlantic University’s South East Regional National Marine Energy Center, and the AFL-CIO.

Presentations and discussions covered a wide range of key topics including specific legislation needed to encourage renewable energy as an industry in the state, incentives available at the state and federal level for renewable energy, innovative research being conducted, and job creation in the green sector.

More than 150 community leaders, policy makers, green energy businesses, researchers and constituents attended the event and participated in the panel discussion.

“The summit introduced many valuable new ideas. Everyone learned something today, including Congressman Deutch and myself. I look forward to the continued exchange of ideas as we shape Florida’s energy policy,” said Rep Sachs after the close of the summit proceedings.