By Passing Legislation That Has Fought For:



House 1455: Relating to Misrepresentation of Military Status

Imposed criminal penalties for persons falsely representing himself or herself as member of or representing U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard for purpose of solicitation.


House 0687: Relating to Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises

Enhanced economic opportunities for our veterans by creating Florida Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Opportunity Act.


House 0699: Relating to Veteran/Public Employment Preference

Made it possible for preference to be given to veterans & spouses in public employment & retention in public employment.


SB 138: Military Veterans Convicted of Criminal Offenses

Allowed veterans who have committed a criminal offense who believe their actions manifested due to posttraumatic stress disorder from their time serving in the military to have a hearing on that issue before sentencing.


SB 276: Recognition of Military Personnel and Veterans

Honored our men and women in uniform by designating a day to honor recipients of Purple Hearts with “Purple Heart Day”


SB 152: Business Enterprise Opportunities for Wartime Veterans

Sponsored the revision of the Florida Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Opportunity Act to expand the vendor preference in state contracting to include certain businesses owned and operated by wartime veterans or veterans of a period of war.


SB 532: College Credit for Military Training and Education Courses

Aided service men and women in attaining college degrees by requiring the Board of Governors of the State University System and the State Board of Education to adopt regulations and rules, respectively, which enable United States Armed Forces service members to earn college credit for college-level training and education acquired in the military.


House 1203: Relating to Educational Opportunity for Military Children

Expanded educational opportunities for children of military families through legislation that directs the Governor to execute Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.


House 1145: Relating to State Parks

Sponsored providing discounts on annual passes to state parks for members & veterans of U.S. Armed Forces & reserve forces and for surviving spouses of certain veterans


House 0509: Relating to Veterans

Supported legislation to make disabled veterans exempt from certain license or permit fee if improvements are for purpose of making a dwelling safe for residence.


House 0833: Relating to Homestead Ad Valorem Tax Credit/Deployed Military

Sponsored revision of the State Constitution to require Legislature to provide additional property tax exemption by law for members of U.S. military or its reserves, U.S. Coast Guard or its reserves, or Florida National Guard who receive homestead exemption & were deployed in previous year on active duty outside continental US, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of military operations.


SB 94: Postsecondary Education Course Registration for Veterans

Promoted requiring certain Florida College System institutions and state universities to provide priority course registration for veterans.


CS/SJR 592: Veteran’s Property Tax Discount

Expanded the availability of the property tax discount on the homesteads of veterans who became disabled as the result of a combat injury through amendments to the State Constitution.


SB 404: Postsecondary Education of Military Veterans – Not Yet Passed

Required that any veteran who meets specified criteria be admitted to any Florida College System institution or state university of the veteran’s choice.

Senate 0238: Relating to Wounded Warrior Project Participants/Tuition – Not Yet Passed

 Expanded in-state tuition to severely wounded active duty members or veterans of the Armed Services of the United States who are participants in the Wounded Warrior Project.

SB 310: Motor Vehicle License Plates-Not Yet Passed

Provided for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to issue Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross license plates, without payment of the license tax, to persons meeting specified criteria.


CS/CS/CS/SB 694: Adult Day Care Centers

Ensured the dignity of our senior citizens by enacting the “Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care Dignity Act,” providing for the licensure of adult day care centers that provide specialized Alzheimer’s services.


CS/CS/CS/SB 682: Alzheimer’s Disease

Protected our senior citizens by establishing the Purple Ribbon Task Force within the Department of Elderly Affairs.


House 0397: Relating to Caregivers for Adults

Sponsored a bill to protect our senior citizens through a pilot program in specified counties to train persons to act as companions & provide certain services to frail adults in community.


Public Safety


House 0139: Relating to Suicide Prevention

Promoted legislation that created the Statewide Office for Suicide Prevention as a unit of Drug Control Office in Executive Office of Governor.


House 0461: Relating to High School Athletics/Drug Testing

Championed the safety of our high school athletes by sponsoring legislation that requires Florida High School Athletic Association to facilitate 1-year drug testing program to randomly test certain students for anabolic steroid use.


House 0003: Relating to Children’s Zones

Strove to protect our children by establishing the Magic City Children’s Zone


House 0663: Relating to Building Safety

Reinforced provisions of law relating to elevator safety, home inspection services, mold assessment & remediation, & building code inspections & enforcement.


Crime/Criminal Justice

House 0123: Relating to Human Smuggling

Endorsed providing criminal penalties human smuggling, transporting an individual into this state from another state if that individual has entered the US illegally.


House 0043: Relating to Criminal Activity

Safeguarded our communities by supporting a bill that requires certain felons whose offenses related to criminal gangs to register.


House 0085: Relating to Lewd or Lascivious Molestation

Reinforced legislation requiring life sentences for second or subsequent offenses of lewd or lascivious molestation against victim less than 12 years of age.


SB 278: Preventing Deaths from Drug-related Overdoses

Protected persons acting in good faith seeking medical assistance for an individual experiencing a drug-related overdose or a person experiencing a drug-related overdose and need of medical assistance from being charged, prosecuted, or penalized for possession of a controlled substance if evidence of controlled substance possession is a result of seeking medical assistance.




House 1297: Relating to Dissolution of Marriage

Aid families experiencing divorce proceedings by obviating the need for certain costly hearings.


House 0863: Relating to Technology to Supplement Visitation

Extended use of electronic communication between parent and child to supplement visitation in cases of dissolution of marriage.


House 0625: Relating to Independent Living Transition Services

Sponsored strengthening client confidentiality by creating the “Zahid Jones, Jr., Give Grandparents & Other Relatives a Voice Act”; requiring that case records of children under supervision or in custody of DCFS be maintained in complete & accurate manner.


House 0625: Relating to Independent Living Transition Services

Promoted community involvement by sponsoring legislation that provides for family foster homes, residential child-caring agencies, or other authorized caregivers to be included in development of plans for activities for certain children.




House 0011: Relating to Crimes Against Homeless Persons

Broadened the definition of a “hate crime” to include those crimes against people experiencing homelessness when those crimes exhibit prejudice towards their homeless status.


House 0597: Relating to Homelessness

Promoted decreasing homelessness in our state by creating the Housing First program.




Senate 1196: Relating to Community Associations

Expanded relief to Florida’s struggling condominium industry by introducing the Distressed Condominium Relief Act.


House 0699: Relating to Veteran/Public Employment Preference

Protected consumers by passing the Fictitious Names Bill, requiring businesses wanting to do business under a fictitious name to publish its intent to use a fictitious name in a local newspaper.


SB 792: Financial Institutions

Safeguarded our citizens by requiring a financial institution that is chartered in this state is reasonably designed to detectwhether the foreign financial institution engages in certain activities facilitating the development of weapons of mass destruction by the Government of Iran, provides support for certain foreign terrorist organizations, or participates in other related activities.


CS/CS/SB 1318: Tax Refund Program/Target Industry Businesses

Broadened the eligibility criteria for domestic and international trade businesses to receive tax refunds under the Qualified Target Industry Businesses Program.


CS/CS/SB 1594: Pari-mutuel Permit holders– not yet passed

Revised restrictions on greyhound permit holders to qualify for certain tax credits without being required to perform a full schedule of live racing.


Women’s Issues


SCR 180: Equal Rights for Men and Women – not yet passed

Vehemently endorsed and aided in ratifying the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution relating to equal rights for men and women.




House 1073: Relating to Persons with Disabilities

Promoted legislation requiring minimum training for childcare personnel to include identification & care of children with developmental disabilities.


CS/CS/HB 1255: Education Accountability

Sponsored a bill that requires that the State Board of Education periodically review and revise the performance standards for the statewide kindergarten screening


House 0723: Relating to Postsecondary Education

Encouraged the educational advancement of our public school classroom teachers by authorizing state universities & community colleges to waive tuition & fees for certain public school classroom teachers for approved undergraduate courses.


House 1073: Relating to Persons with Disabilities

Promoted legislation requiring minimum training for childcare personnel to include identification & care of children with developmental disabilities.

SB 144: Seclusion and Restraint on Students With Disabilities in Public Schools– not yet passed

Provided extremely limited restrictions on the use of manual physical restraint on students with disabilities in public schools.



House 9107: Relating to Athletes/Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness

Acknowledged the achievement of Florida’s athletes for their athletic endeavors while commending the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness for its leadership.

House 0765: Relating to Animal Protection

Strengthened the law concerning a veterinary licensure exemption pertaining to persons practicing temporarily in state.

SR 2214: Florida State Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police

Paid tribute to the Florida State Lodge and the Fraternal Order of Police on the occasion of the 29th Annual Florida Law Enforcement Memorial Service.

SB 228: Veterinary Practice– not yet passed

Supported requiring that the Board of Veterinary Medicine establish minimum standards for limited service veterinary vaccination clinics rather than limited service veterinary medical practices.

SB 516: Early Voting – not yet passed

 Promoted democracy by helping initiate a law requiring that each county operate a certain total number of voting sites.