Senator Sachs Passes Alzheimer’s Legislation

 Alzheimer’s Legislation

Senator Sachs has always been a champion for Alzheimer’s patients.  She has  cosponsored several bills aimed at protecting Alzheimer’s patients and furthering treatment and research programs in Florida.



Senator Sachs at Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting with Aline Stone of the National Alzheimer’s Association.

Senator Sachs at Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting with Aline Stone of the National Alzheimer’s Association.
This past session she cosponsored SB 682 which established the Purple Ribbon Task Force within the Florida Department of Elderly Affairs.  The Task Force  will be responsible for developing a State plan to address the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers.
The Senator is also a cosponsor of SB 694, the Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care Dignity Act, which ensures that  adult day care centers that provide specialized Alzheimer’s services are licensed and that operators have received sufficient education and experience.
When the Senator served in the House of Representatives she sponsored HB 279, which establishes a grant program to encourage counties to implement lifesaver programs to help track Alzheimer’s patients and others who are prone to wander.  Lifesaver programs use small transmitters, which are usually worn on a person’s wrist, to electronically track lost or wandering participants.  Local law enforcement is equipped with the receivers to track the transmitters.  The Senator will continue to push for this bill and other measures aimed at protecting our most vulnerable citizens.




President Reagan

President Reagan-  a victim of Alzeimer’s Disease   “I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my […]

More funding to fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer Awareness

This week Senator Sachs issued a call for more funding to help Alzheimer’s Disease patients, caregivers, and researchers at an Alzheimer’s Association Town Hall meeting in Delray Beach.

Senator Sachs advocates for more funding for Alzheimer’s research at a Town Hall meeting held in Delray Beach on Tuesday.
The Senator as well as national advocates and federal health officials joined a crowd of South Florida residents who have been impacted by the disease. Senator Sachs is among them.  She cared for her late father who suffered from dementia.  This inspired her to introduce legislation.
While government leaders are working to implement plans in the fight against Alzheimer’s, funding for these efforts lags behind.

  Senator Sachs’ parents Anna and Russell Lorts.  The Senator cared for her father in the last years of his life as he suffered from dementia.

Senator Sachs’ parents Anna and Russell Lorts.


“We need to make this a priority in the State of Florida,” Senator Sachs said.  “We have more Alzheimer’s patients here than anywhere in the county and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years, so we can’t afford to wait any longer.  We need to invest in research and find a cure for this disease that affects so many Floridians and their families.”



Hurricane Isaac

Public Safety

This morning, about 75,000 residents in Palm Beach and Broward Counties were without power after Tropical Storm Isaac swept through our area knocking down some trees and power lines and dropping nearly ten inches of rain.
I have been in contact with Emergency Management officials in Broward and Palm Beach, and fortunately, they tell me that damage is minimal and flooding is limited to low-lying areas.

As your State Senator and Vice Chair of the Senate Domestic Security Committee, your safety is always my first priority.  Please remember that our area is still under a flood watch and wind advisory through this evening and we should continue to take proper precautions.

While I understand crews are working to restore power and clear debris, many of you may still need assistance.  Please know that I stand ready to help in any way I can.  Please do not hesitate to call my office.



Emergency Management Divisions

Broward County: Dial 311

Palm Beach County: 561-712-6400



Stay Safe,

Senator Sachs

Vice Chair of the Senate
Domestic Security Committee

No Texting While Driving

“As your state senator, I am committed to filing- and passing- a bill that will ban texting while driving.  Florida is currently one of the only states without this law on the books, and we cannot play politics with our safety anymore.”


If elected, Maria’s key priority is to make our roads safer for our children and our senior citizens. One of the most distracting things a person can do is text while driving- thus endangering her/himself and others on the road. The US Department of Transportation has found that the risk of crashing while texting and driving increases 23 times, because reading/sending a text diverts the driver’s eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds – the same as driving the length of a football field, blind, at 55mph.


Senator Sachs on the Senate floor advocating for her bill that bans texting while driving.

Senator Sachs on the Senate floor advocating for her bill that bans texting while driving.

Thirty-two states have passed laws that ban texting while driving.  Florida needs to join them. Maria introduced legislation during the 2012 Legislative Session that would have banned drivers from typing on any wireless communication device and if elected – she will continue to fight for these life-saving measures.




 Further Information

A new study released by the Centers for Disease Control confirms that texting while driving is a national epidemic among our youth.  The study found that more than half of high school seniors admitted that they send text messages or emails while behind […]

Update to Homeowners Insurance Workshop

Homeowners Insurance Workshop

Homeowner's Insurance

Join Senator Maria Sachs for a community workshop on homeowners insurance.  

Receive straight-forward answers on all insurance questions directly from experts in the insurance field.  Be sure to bring your policies.

When: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time:   5:30-7:00 pm

Where: Jarvis Hall

4501 N. Ocean Blvd., Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

The event is free and open to the public.

Participants will include:


·      Florida Association for Insurance Reform Executive Director Jay Neal

·      Attorney with the Merlin Law Group and Founder, Policyholders of Florida Sean Shaw

·      Van Ameringen’s Insurance and Financial Service’s President Len Turesky

Limited seating.  To reserve a spot, email

or call (561) 279-1427.
Refreshments will be served.






Property Insurance: A Storm Brewing

The most important asset most Americans own is their home. The thought of your insurance company not having the funds to cover property losses is scary enough, but becomes an nightmare during the middle of hurricane season. Today, Floridians who have Citizen’s Insurance need to be informed of the truth behind the financial liquidity of the insurance company of last resort.

Insurance is one of the issues that the legislature controls, and is one of the top issues that affects my district, especially the coastal communities and those who live east of I95.

For this reason, I am hosting a workshop, not a political forum, but an opportunity to talk directly with insurance experts on the best insurance coverage for your particular needs and budget. I invite all homeowners, as well as business owners, to bring their policies with them as they will have an opportunity to discuss their particular insurance needs directly with the experts.

Our first workshop will be held in Lauderdale by the Sea, the second in Pompano Beach. All will be hosted by the mayors of those cities.
Contact my office to set up one for your city or HOA today.


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Another Child Dies: Shame on Us!

Haile Brockington, Dominicue “Pa-Pa” Andrews, and now  Jordan Coleman.  These are the names of three precious children whose lives were tragically cut short when they perished after being left behind in a hot child care van in the sweltering Florida heat.  Had the State Legislature put politics aside and acted on behalf of our children, they would still be alive today.  For the last two sessions, I have introduced a bill named for Haile, the little girl who died after being left in a van by her daycare provider in Delray Beach two years ago.  The bill requires all child care vans to be equipped with safety alarms prompting drivers to check the vehicle before locking up.  It passed unanimously in the Senate, but was blocked in the House.  The Florida Child Care Management Association lobbied successfully against its passage.  Since then, every summer another child dies.  Isn’t it time that we looked out for the interests of our children rather than the interests of lobbying groups?  I remain committed to protecting our most vulnerable, so that another child doesn’t die needlessly like Haile, “Pa-Pa,” and Jordan.

First Purple Heart Day in Tallahassee

Please take a moment to read about Tallahassee’s inaugural Purple Heart Day celebration, naming August 7th as Annual Day of Honor for Florida’s Purple Heart Recipients through legislation sponsored myself and Delray Democrats:



Honoring our Olympic Athletes

This year, 26 athletes are representing Florida at the Olympic Games. Florida always has fine representatives competing on our country’s behalf in both the summer and winter Olympics. In honor of their efforts, I passed a resolution recognizing all of Florida’s athletes, including Olympians and Paralympians.  The resolution also honored those participating in the Special Olympics. All of these athletes deserve our recognition for their leadership, hard work and perseverance.  They are role models who demonstrate the virtues and positive results of a healthy lifestyle.

The Purple Heart: For Military Merit

Senator Sachs always focuses on filing and passing meaningful legislation to honor and protect Florida’s many veterans.

This year it is to honor those who, through combat wounds, earned the military honor of the Purple Heart.  Senator Sachs’ Dad, a World War II veteran, received two Purple Hearts in combat while serving in the U.S. Army.

If you know someone who has received this award, alive or deceased, please contact our office.  The official bill signing will be on the day of its first celebration in Tallahassee.  These names will be read at the ceremony in their honor.