• Texting While Driving Texting While Driving

    Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving

Regarding the Politifact article on Texting While Driving, I’m happy that the media is focusing on this important issue. While studies may differ slightly due to the ways accident statistics are recorded, as Politifact pointed out, “there’s little doubt that texting is a danger in automobile safety”.

I am fighting to prevent these senseless deaths and make our roads safer for drivers of all ages.

Other Resources on Texting While Driving:


“Get the Facts”


Analysis from Car and Driver Magazine


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  • Gaming in Florida: A Sure Bet? Gaming in Florida: A Sure Bet?

    Gaming in Florida: A Sure Bet?

Gaming in Florida: A Sure Bet?

Gaming is shaping up to be one of the most controversial issues in the upcoming 2014 legislative session. As Vice Chair of the Gaming Committee, I will make it a priority to review the current state of the law and how any changes will affect the social and economic status of our community.

Americans like to gamble. Some form of gaming is legal in 48 states. Nationally, studies have indicated that 53 percent played the lottery last year and at least 32 percent gambled in a casino. The expansion of gambling is an issue that is debated in every statehouse in the country.

Florida is famous as a tourist destination. Gambling in some form has been a part of our history since the 1800’s. Over the years, our State government has built in a patchwork of rules, regulations, and laws that covers the gamut from horseracing to jai alai to senior arcades.

We are long overdue for a comprehensive and critical assessment of what we have and where we go from here. It is our responsibility in the Gaming Committee to review current statutes, make an assessment, and formulate a recommendation as to a comprehensive statewide approach to gaming in Florida.

The Florida Impact Gaming Study

The Florida Legislature has commissioned a two-part gaming assessment by Spectrum Gaming Group to set a factual foundation for important policy choices the Legislature will consider during the 2014 Regular Session. The current draft of the combined two-part report (784 pages) is available online by clicking here or by going to www.flsenate.gov and typing in the Search tab, “gambling impact study.” The final version of the report is due on or before November 1, 2013.

This report […]

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  • Cyber Bullying Cyber Bullying

    Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

As a former prosecutor, I am very much aware of the problems that occur with all types of bullying. We all know that kids have been bullying each other for generations, but the latest generation has been able, with the help of technology, to expand their reach. The effects of cyber bullying seem to be more hurtful on adolescent self-esteem than the traditional physical bullying. It has been said that more than 40% of middle school children feel that violence is increasing in their schools, and they don’t feel safe.

One thing is for certain. We must protect our kids. And if a child is afraid to go to school because of fear of being victimized, then parents, teachers, law enforcement, and legislatures must step up to the plate and put a stop to it. A Florida law from 2013 requires each district school board to adopt a policy preventing bullying and harassment. The law expands the scope of harassment policies to include computer related bullying that happens outside the scope of the schools. It was signed into law May 2013. It doesn’t go far enough.

I intend to file a bill that will give teachers and school officials (i.e. staff, bus drivers, etc.) additional tools to notify the school principal and law enforcement of their suspicions of any child being a victim of bullying. It will then be up to law enforcement to properly investigate for possible prosecution.

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  • Delray Beach Town Hall Delray Beach Town Hall

    Delray Beach Town Hall

Delray Beach Town Hall

Thursday, October 17 at Atlantic Community High School, located at 2455 West Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach and will begin at 7:00 pm.

I will join other community leaders in a town hall meeting. The meeting will focus on the future of education in our community.

The public is invited to attend and participate by providing input on the topic of discussion.

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  • In the Community In the Community

    In the Community

In the Community

Education and Innovation

When I meet with constituents, I feel proud to be a part of a community where ingenuity and development are growing at a fast pace. The people of Broward and Palm Beach counties are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to achievement that is second to none.

(The above photo shows Senator Sachs at Innovate Palm Beach reviewing a robot display).
Students love technology, and our schools need to follow their lead. The chalkboard’s place is taken over by handheld devices; wooden desks with virtual classrooms; and the #2 pencil with tablets. Education is changing faster than we in Tallahassee can make the laws to promote it. Our priority must be to enable classroom teachers to have the tools necessary to understand the new technology and its challenges. This is the reason why I filed and passed a law,HB 723, that allows all classroom teachers tuition-free courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at all Florida state colleges and universities. Our teachers need to be equipped with the expertise and the newest cutting-edge technology to enable them to prepare our students for our global economy.

The Village Academy in Delray Beach hosted a function where students and their parents came to be honored for their academic achievements. It inspires me to observe first-hand the passion for education of these families who are committed to their children’s education.


Senator Sachs presenting an award to Village Academy student for her excellent essay on her educational experience.

St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church has been part of the Delray Beach community for over 72 years. Under the leadership of Monsignor Thomas Skindeleski, the school added a new […]

  • Texting While Driving – Press Announcement Texting While Driving – Press Announcement

    Texting While Driving – Press Announcement

Texting While Driving – Press Announcement

Senator Maria Sachs (D-Delray) joins with Mike Jackson, Chairman and CEO of AutoNation Inc., in announcing the filing of a new bill to strengthen the ban against texting while driving in Florida.

The press conference will take place at 11 AM on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at:

AutoNation Building

200 SW 1st Avenue, 15th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Contact Senator Maria Sachs’ office for further information at (561) 279-1427 or sachs.maria@flsenate.gov.

Texting While Driving (First Offense)

  • 39 states have a primary offense for texting while driving.
  • Drivers under the age of 18 have an overall Cell Phone Ban in 21 states
  • There are 10 states that have a ban on texting, but not on overall cell phone use
  • Virginia has a primary enforcement for school bus drivers; Utah has a primary enforcement for texting while driving only; Nebraska is purely secondary; Iowa is secondary for texting. The other 46 states use primary enforcement.

Michael Jackson – Auto Nation

Michael Jackson has been the Chief Executive Officer of AutoNation since September 1999 and has been with the company for 12 years.

Background and Summary:

Texting while driving surpassed alcohol as the leading cause of teen related driving deaths in 2011. The current texting while driving bill, which became legal today (October 1) represents a significant step to further ensure that our loved ones are safe on the roads. For years, this issue was tabled before even getting to committee. Finally, after I was elected to the Senate district 34 in 2012, this issue was able to be brought before the session and voted upon.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 24% of all crashes involve cell phones. So, while I am pleased that the State of Florida has taken the first step toward safer roads by making […]

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  • Property Insurance Workshops – Summary Property Insurance Workshops – Summary

    Property Insurance Workshops – Summary

Property Insurance Workshops – Summary

There is nothing as unpredictable as the weather… except property insurance. We may not have control over the weather, but property insurance we should and must. For this reason, much of my time since session ended has been spent addressing property insurance and how it affects the people of my coastal district.

Property owners have already heard enough speeches about the problems; they are seeking solutions to their individual needs and concerns. In order to find solutions, I organized a panel of distinguished experts to participate in a series of workshops. The format of the workshops was tailored so people could speak one-on-one to the panelists and get direct answers to their questions.

With the majority of property owners in my district being enrolled in the state-run insurer, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, it was vital that a representative from that company be present and ready to respond to questions as part of the panel. With their representative cancelling at the last minute, I was genuinely frustrated. With one phone call to the President and CEO of Citizens, Barry Gilway, our problem was solved. He agreed to participate and address the issues the people of my district faced about their insurance.

After four workshops, two in Broward and two in Palm Beach, and listening to dozens of property owners about their concerns, three things have become clear.

1. There needs to be transparency in the process Citizens uses to transfer their policies to private […]

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  • Property Insurance Contact Numbers Property Insurance Contact Numbers

    Property Insurance Contact Numbers

Property Insurance Contact Numbers

Here are a list of useful numbers to keep for your reference next time you have questions or concerns about property insurance:

Division of Consumer Services Helpline: (877) 693 5236

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Customer Care: (888) 685-1555

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation: (877) 693-5236

Office of Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate: (850) 413-5923

Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters: (866) 235-6489

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  • FAU Leadership Meeting FAU Leadership Meeting

    FAU Leadership Meeting

FAU Leadership Meeting

I had the opportunity to meet with FAU leadership this morning to discuss the success and future of FAU’s growth.  

John Newcomer, Vice Dean of the FAU College of Medicine, shared research developments and updates on partnerships with groups like SCRIPPS and Max Plank.

Palm Beach and Broward Counties are growing biotech and health jobs right here at home, and with those jobs comes great economic and business development. It is also exciting to note that there are over 70,000 FAU Alumni right here in District 34 and over 300 student groups on campus!

FAU is working hard to grow their community engagement and philanthropy work to make South Florida a better home for all of us. I am so happy to be working with such a wonderful team of leaders who care about our future!

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  • Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah

    Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah

Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah

We’d like to extend our warmest wishes for this New Year.

L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!


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