A Clear Distinction – Debuting our New TV Ad

You may have seen those false, negative ads pummeling voters from left and right. Those “limo” ads are completely false!

The Republican Party is attacking me with lies and misinformation hoping you’ll ignore my opponent’s extreme, right-wing voting record.

While my opponent is engaged in negative, disingenuous ad tactics, I’m focused on the issues that affect all of us:

Property Insurance

Let’s focus on helping our struggling families- and reduce property insurance rates. Unlike my opponent, I am not a former insurance agent who votes for the insurance industry!

Public Education

Unlike my opponent, I believe  supporting a stronger public education is the key to a better economy in Florida. Investing in our universities will bring business and investment in Florida – not by outsourcing our jobs and our students to out-of-state corporations.

Veterans Support

My father earned two purple hearts as a Veteran of World War II. I am fiercely proud of our Veterans and have passed six bills to promote and protect them here in Florida.

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Endorsed by the Miami Herald!

Maria Sachs Endorsed by the Miami Herald

 “Sachs Better Choice” – Endorsed by the Miami Herald

I am very proud to announce that one of the premier newspapers in Florida has endorsed my candidacy.

The Miami Herald, which represents the largest urban area in the state, has reviewed the records of both myself and my opponent and found that they “believe she would be a better fit for this district”.

This is particularly important because the Miami Herald looks at state issues rather than local interest groups. As cited in the endorsement, because my opponent has not represented the interests of her constituents, the focus of her campaigning and her negative advertising has been twisted and based on falsehood rather than on her record, or lack thereof.

Thank you for your support. Together with all our combined efforts we will ensure this election is not bought by special interests.

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Senator Sachs live on 850 WFTL Radio

Senator Sachs went on the air to promote this wonderful event. She talked about the rate of unemployment for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars which is a shamefully high at 29%.

Senator Sachs discussed how America’s veterans are a tremendous human capital resourse. These young men and women fought for us. Now it’s our turn to fight for them. They have learned a level of responsibility that is unparalleled by their civilian peers.



She thanked the businesses that attended the fair saying, “I’m sure that they will be thanking themselved too when they see how hard these young men and women work.”




If you are a Veteran in need of services please call our office at (561) 279-1427 or email Mangeney.August.S30@flsenate.gov whether you live in the district or not!




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A Commitment to Standing Up for Child Safety

Senator Sachs introduced a bill to prevent children from dying of heat exposure when forgotten in the back of a motor vehicle. Senate Bill 274 would have required that child care centers have alarms placed in their motor vehicles. The alarm forces the driver of the van to go into the back of the vehicle – where hiding children will be discovered – to turn the alarm off.

SB 274 Maria Sachs Protecting Kids

This upcoming session, Senator Sachs will be introducing bills that ban texting while driving and add much needed regulations to the parasailing industry. These bills, like the Good Samaritan bill, are in response to actual child or teen deaths throughout Florida. No child should die when a simple law is all that is needed to prevent it.

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Preventing Drug Related Deaths

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2003 to 2009 16,550 people died of a drug overdose in Florida.

Also according to the CDC study, each year saw more fatalities than the one before. 

Drug related deaths in Florida are reaching epidemic proportions.

As a former prosecutor Senator Sachs knows the importance of including law enforcement in the legislative process and she worked hard to craft a law that was supported by drug treatment professionals and law enforcement agencies alike.

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Senator Sachs’ Good Samaritan Bill Is Now Law

It is an all too familiar story these days. Someone, in many cases a teenager, dies of a drug overdose while his or her friends sit by doing nothing out of fear that they will be arrested for their own drug use or possession.

On October 1st Senate Bill 278, known as the “911 Good Samaritan Act,” which Senator Sachs sponsored, took effect. This law allows people to call the police when someone has overdosed on drugs without the fear of being arrested for their own drug use. By saying to a person that if you do the right thing and get help for yourself or your neighbor you won’t be punished Senator Sachs is encouraging people to no longer be afraid of calling the police.

In a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times Senator Sachs said, “Kids don’t want to call because they’re afraid of getting in trouble. Parents don’t want to call because they know kids shouldn’t be drinking in their homes. Before this law, they basically had an incentive not to call law enforcement when someone was overdosing. Our first focus has to be on the safety of our children and others.”


The article is about a teenage boy named Joey Boylan that overdosed on prescription drugs while his friends tried to let him “sleep it off” instead of calling 911. As a result the eighteen year old high school student died.

http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/columns/romano-new-law-a-year-too-late-to- save-joey-boylan/1254123

Laws aren’t just to punish criminals. Fundamentally they are about protecting society and this law will protect Florida kids.

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Hear Their Voices: Hire A Hero

It’s a beautiful week in Florida and my opponent and the entire Republican leadership – this Saturday- plan to be out for a bike ride. As they coast along A1A past mansions and golf courses, everything seems to be just fine.

And yet, all is not well. There is rampant unemployment amongst our returning Veterans, hiring less than the state and national average. As many of our Veterans return home to South Florida, they are in need of education, retraining, affordable housing, and good paying jobs.

As my opponent coasts down A1A with the entourage of GOP leadership who traveled from Tallahassee to show their support, I will be at a job fair for returning Vets.

This job fair will offer Veterans the chance to interview with dozens of local companies and compete for more than 650 available jobs.

The event is taking place until 6pm at the Signature Grand, 6900 W. State Road 84, Davie.

Come and show your respect and support for our Military Veterans – More Information Here

CBS Miami 


Davie Job Fair Aims To Put Veterans Back To Work

Military veterans out of work are in luck. On Wednesday, they can access more than 400 job openings and government programs aimed at launching a small business.


 DAVIE (CBSMiami) — Military veterans out of work are in luck.
On Wednesday, they can access more than 400 job openings and government programs aimed at launching a small business.The “Hear Their Voices: Hire A Hero” event is a daylong career fair that will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Signature Grand, 6900 W. State Road 84 in Davie.The event will feature 30 businesses looking to employ, including Bank of America, Budweiser […]

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Latest TV Ad – Invest in Education

Invest in Education

I want to share with you our latest ad. It showcases my top priorities for education. We must protect our public schools from crippling budget cuts that threaten our children and their future. From my own life growing up, I know how vital it is that we all have access to top quality public school education, and we need to make sure everyone in Florida has the same opportunity for achievement and success.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Palm Beach County Classroom Teacher’s Association. More information here:

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Beware – Fake “Progressives” Mailer Going Out!

 “Progressives” Front for Right-Wing Group!

Did you receive a negative mailer from a group calling themselves “Progressives” last week?

They’re not “Progressives”- it’s a front for a right-wing group!


The address of the organization is the Office of the General Counsel for the Republican Party of Florida: a lobbying and law firm that has received more than $250,000 from the Republican Party so far this election cycle.


Take these false mailers and write on them- “Return to Sender”- so that this fake “Progressives” group can pay for the postage back. Show them they can’t lie their way to election victory.


Full Article on the Orlando Sentinel Here – 

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Senator Sachs seeks new safety protections for Parasailors

POMPANO BEACH – Alarmed by recent deaths involving parasailing companies and a largely unregulated industry resistant to tighter controls, state Senator Maria Sachs (D-Delray) on Monday is announcing new legislation designed to beef up parasailing safety protections.

“With our dazzling white beaches and crystal clear water, Florida is a natural magnet for adventure-seeking tourists who want a bird’s eye view of the spectacular scenery,” said Senator Sachs, who will be joined at the press conference by Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher. “But we need to better ensure that they are as safe in the air as they are on the ground, and this legislation is designed to do just that.”

With as many as 120 parasailing companies reportedly operating during peak season, Florida has become a Mecca for people donning harnesses and dangling from parachutes towed by parasailing operators. Unfortunately, beyond carrying optional insurance, the industry remains largely unregulated. Past efforts to pass tighter restrictions failed in the legislature.

Mayor Fisher, who has been seeking tighter industry regulations since the death of a 15-year old parasailor in 2007, will echo Senator Sachs’ concerns.

“The Pompano Beach City Commission is focused on working with Senator Sachs and the Florida Legislature to pass this bill regulating the parasailing industry to ensure we do not have another tragic incident in the State of Florida. We thank Senator Sachs for championing this legislation.”

Under the Sachs proposal, the “White-Miskell Bill,” – named for Kathleen Miskell who died in a parasailing accident this year, and Amber White, the 2007 parasailing victim – would prohibit parasailing under certain weather conditions, or operation of the parasailing boat within certain proximities of power lines, wharfs, or other fixed objects. It would also require insurance coverage, defined safety […]

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