Senator Sachs Visits Port Everglades

Port Everglades is undergoing a major expansion and Senator Sachs was invited to see the progress of these projects first-hand.

Deputy Port Director Glenn Wiltshire gives Sen. Sachs a tour of the loading docks at Port Everglades.

Deputy Port Director Glenn Wiltshire gives Senator Sachs a tour of the loading docks at Port Everglades.

After meeting with the port’s new director, Steve Cernak, Senator Sachs toured the facility, which is responsible for generating $14 billion in economic activity in our community.  As a member of the Subcommittee on Transporatation Appropriations, Senator Sachs has been an advocate of our local ports and will continue to ensure that state funding for port projects remains in place.

Human Trafficking a Priority for Junior League

Florida ranks as the state with the third highest occurrences of human trafficking. We need to be vigilant in stopping the scourge of human trafficking in this state.

The Senator has been working with NGO’s globally to target those countries that use Florida as a pathway to human slavery. She was appointed to the Task Force by Governor Charlie Crist and has helped the Junior League tackle this issue through her work on the Florida Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force. The Junior League of Boca Raton honored the legislators with a reception this week and joined Sen. Sachs in focusing on solutions to end human trafficking in Florida.

To learn more about the Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches, please visit


Governor Signs Sachs’ Life-Saving Legislation


Sen. Sachs presenting the Good Samaritan Bill to the Criminal Justice Committee.

Senator Sachs presenting the Good Samaritan Bill to the Criminal Justice Committee.

The law protects a person acting in good faith from prosecution when seeking medical assitance for an individual experiencing a drug related overdose.  “Thank you to the members of the Florida Senate for passing this good legislation.” said Senator Sachs.  “This shows the benefit of both parties working together to save lives.”

Memorial Day Remembrances

Every year on Memorial Day we come together to remember those who have fallen in defense of freedom.   I was honored this year to take part in two local Memorial Day events.

I was invited to speak at a ceremony at Veterans Park in Boca Raton.  This beautiful remembrance has been organized by Ralph Shear and members of the Veterans Coaltion of South Florida for nearly 20 years.  It was especially wonderful to see so many children participating in the ceremony.

I was also delighted to join Representative Bob Shelley, Mayor Lamar Fisher and members of the Pompano Beach City Commission for their Memorial Day festivities.

The day began with a parade and concluded with a touching tribute to our fallen heroes at the Pompano Beach Cemetery.

As a daughter of a veteran, it is important for me to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom as well as continue to fight for our current service members.  We must never forget the courage of our men and women in uniform.  Our veterans dserve our gratitude and the utmost respect every day.  I […]

Senator Sachs Supports Effort to Aid Afghan War Vet

A South Florida veteran has a new companion thanks to the help of a local business and a veterans organization.  Senator Sachs joined members of the Palm Beach Kennel Club and Service Dogs 4 Service Men as they presented Barry Offenberger with a retired greyhound racing dog he will use as a service dog.


Mr. Offenberger, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, suffers from Hodgkins Lymphoma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and will use his new pal, HERO II, to help maintain his independence.  “Research has shown that service dogs can help wounded veterans tremendously.  They not only assist them medically, they serve as morale boosters and are proven to improve a veteran’s quality of life,” said Senator Sachs.  “I commend Service Dogs 4 Service Men and the Palm Beach Kennel Club for their support of our veterans.”

Senator Sachs Welcomes Italian Consul General

Senator Sachs joined community and business leaders in Palm Beach County for a luncheon welcoming Hon. Adolfo Barrattolo, the newly appointed Consul General of Italy.  Senator Sachs, the daughter of an Italian immigrant, emphasied the importance of promoting trade between the two countries.  Consul General Barrattolo also thanked Senator Sachs for her legislation that added Italian language classes to Florida’s public schools

Insurance Crisis

Florida’s insurance industry is in the midst of a crisis affecting millions of homeowners.  As Floridians prepare for the start of another hurricane season, it is time for we in government to take a serious look at the state’s problematic property insurance structure.

Even as the State Legislature has taken steps to reign in costs by capping rate increases, Florida’s own “insurer of last resort,” Citizens Property Insurance Corporation,  could increase rates for new customers as much as 55 percent next month.  And this week Citizens announced it planned to re-evaluate policies to determine whether discounts given to customers for home improvements were warranted, a move that could increase premiums for existing customers.
It has been six years since Florida was last hit by a major hurricane.  As a result, Citizens carries a surplus of $6 Billion.  We need to do more to ensure that Citizens does not take advantage of the 337,000 homeowners in Broward and Palm Beach Counties who are already struggling to pay premiums.  We need to do more to hold insurers, Citizens and private companies, accountable and equip the state to be a tougher “watchdog” over the property industry.
In the meantime, I am planning a series of workshops that will invite residents to have their insurance policies analyzed by a representative of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to determine if they qualify for more affordable coverage.  If you would […]

Senator Sachs Nominates FAU Board Chair to Higher Education Task Force

Senator Sachs has recommended Robert “Bob” Stilley, Chair of the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees, to the Florida Blue Ribbon Task Force for Higher Education Reform. The purpose of the new task force is to evaluate the state’s university system and suggests ideas for reform.

In a letter to Senate President Mike Haridopolos and Governor Rick Scott, Senator Sachs wrote, “Our state leaders are very much aware that global entrepreneurship is vital for economic growth and our leaders need to be in tune to the demands of the global market. Bob understands this and has lifetime experience with the global market and has contributed to its success.”
Senator Sachs adds, “FAU has become a leader in promoting high tech industries. I want to ensure that South Florida is represented, through FAU, in shaping reforms for the future of Florida’s University system.”

Senator Sachs Helps Chamber Honor Local Moms

Senator Sachs was the keynote speaker at The Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Shining Star Awards Ceremony.

Senator Sachs gives the keynote address at the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Shining Star Awards Ceremony.

The event helps to support the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coaltion of Palm Beach County, Inc. This organization reaches out to expectant mothers and assists them in accessing early prenatal care.

An advocate for children’s health, Senator Sachs said, “I am committed to doing whatever I can to promote the health of Florida’s most vulnerable, our children.”

Celebrating Our Mothers Every Day

Mothers have been honored with special festivals and celebrations since ancient times. This past Sunday we celebrated the modern Mother’s Day, which became an official holiday in 1914. Almost 100 years later we continue this tradition of showing moms how much we appreciate all they do for our families. Mother’s Day is very special for me because my mom came to this country from war-torn Italy when she was just a young woman.







As an Italian citizen she wanted nothing more than to earn the rights of American citizenship. She studied the language, passed her citizenship test, and became an American citizen. I am so proud of my mom who chose this country and who is especially proud to be an American.

It is also important to recognize my mother-in-law, Nina , who came to this country from the Ukraine after World War II.

Senator Sachs with her husband, Peter and his parents, Sam and Nina

As a Survivor she carried with her the horrors of the loss of so many family members and the devastation of her country, yet she came with the hope of building a new life in this wonderful country. Because of their courage and that of many other mothers around the world, we should honor our moms not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.