Senate Bill 52, Bans Texting while Driving, is moving smoothly through the legislative process. The bill received unanimous support in the Transportation Committee and the Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities Committee. SB 52 is now scheduled to be read in the Judiciary Committee.

Senate Bill 420, Possession of Prescription Drugs, is making progress in both chambers.  It received a favorable vote in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee this week.  The bill would allow a judge discretion to depart from minimum mandatory sentencing for a first-time offender charged with possession of prescription medications, under certain circumstances.

Senate Bill 370, Body Parts, made its way through another committee this week.  The bill was voted favorably by the Regulated Industries Committee, and received unanimous support in the Health Policy as well . SB 370 will be heard next by the Judiciary Committee. The bill assures that unclaimed bodies are not sold without proper family authorization and that deceased veterans are given a proper military burial.

Senate Bill 64, Commercial Parasailing, and Senate Bill 1618, Condominium Association Reform, both sponsored by Senator Sachs, are in the amendatory process.  Both bills are expected to be heard in committees.