Following our Haiti Relief Event

As part of our Haitian Relief Effort, community leaders and I visited two local churches where hundreds of people attended who are interested in our outreach mission. Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor, Shahid Freeman with the Urban League, Bill Weg, a volunteer with, Ronald Hirschel, former U.S. Deputy Ambassador for Human Rights, Sandra Devoe, Food for the Poor, Inc., and attorney Aimee Cernicharo from the St. Thomas University School of Law, Human Rights Institute also attended.

Speaking at the Haiti Relief Effort

We provided information and instruction regarding travel to Haiti, volunteer and donation information, and information regarding local resources for those in need. While many Haitian-Americans living in Palm Beach County want to travel to Haiti to tend to their loved ones, I believe our immediate focus must be on sending qualified experts, including medical personnel and engineers, supplies such as food, water, medical, clothing and blankets, and monetary donations. Our efforts must be focused on Rescue, Recovery, and Reconstruction.

We want the people of Haiti to know that they are not alone and together we will do what is needed to bring relief and aid to the victims affected by the earthquakes. This tragedy affects not only the Haitian community but also the world. We see them as our neighbors in need and we are here to provide them with support and assistance to help them during this difficult time. We want to collect all the resources and provisions we can to help the people in Haiti find some relief. Our efforts will not stop at just helping the victims of the earthquake. We want to aid in rebuilding the community so they are stronger than before tragedy struck. We want to help those here in our community who are struggling with the despair of not knowing what has happened to their loved ones and comfort those who are in mourning.

Maria speaks to the Haitian congregation

Many agencies are now providing legal aid and assistance to Haitian citizens here in our County. We want the people of Haiti to know that they are not alone. Along with other County, State, and Federal agencies, we pledge to do all that we can to help Haiti and its people. The following organizations are providing assistance to those in need: Catholic Charities Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County 900 54th Street 423 Fern Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 West Palm Beach, Florida 33041 Telephone: 561-494-0928 Telephone: 561-655-8944 St. Thomas University Human Rights Institute Lake Worth Resource Center 2112 S. Congress Avenue, Suite 201/202 1121 Lucerne Avenue Palm Springs, Florida 33406 Lake Worth, Florida 33460 Telephone: 561-472-2346 Telephone 561-366-9440

Further Notes from Bobby, US VP Operations Lead and Communications Liaison to the World Centers of Compassion for Children International

24/01/10 – Representative Maria Sachs on helping the Haitian population in Florida