Speaking at the Haiti Relief Effort Event


Day 23 of Operation Haiti Relief at the direction of the Governor, our team continues its close coordination and reports the following:

  • 42 orphans were received in Miami yesterday and all have adoptive parents waiting for them.
  • 500 persons were repatriated yesterday.
  • No medical evacuation flights are anticipated through the weekend into the State of Florida.
  • Recovery


    Pictured right, Dr. Vinikoor from the Alliance of Delray presents Rep. Sachs with a donation of $500 for Haiti Relief. The check was made payable to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. My office also received monetary donations from the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators; these funds went to the American Red Cross.  Aramatic donated supplies that were distributed to the Urban League, and other groups donated clothing, blankets, and medical supplies

    Prayers for Haiti


    At the end of World War II, American entrepreneurship was instrumental in rebuilding Japan and Western Europe. There is no reason that we cannot maintain our high level of excellence when it comes to reconstruction. I am meeting with the Governor’s Office today, February 4, 2010, to discuss channeling the $100 million in Haitian relief from the Federal government through Florida’s businesses for the economic redevelopment of this beleaguered nation.

    At the Haiti Relief Event

    Bringing Florida’s businesses into the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Haiti would be a win-win situation for everyone. Besides bringing “Yankee entrepreneurship” to help Haiti, the added benefit is to help Florida’s businesses stay in business and grow. I will be reporting back as the discussion continues in the Governor’s Office.

    At the Haiti Relief Effort EventAs chair of the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation, I appointed Rep. Mack Bernard as the point person for the Governor’s Office for the Haiti Relief Effort. I will continue to work with Federal, State, and local community leaders as we provide outreach to our Haitian neighbors living in our County as well as those who remain in their native country.