In celebration of our Nation’s Independence, I would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to our veterans, their families and their loved ones. Our veterans know sacrifice. They sacrifice for their country and for the freedom of people they may have never met. They are loyal to each other and our nation; that is their duty. Our duty as citizens is to protect the honor of those who sacrifice for our freedom – during their service, after their service, and in their passing, so that they may continue to live in dignity, here and in our memory.

SB 370 / HB 171 Ceremonial Bill Signing

Last Friday, Governor Rick Scott joined me and our local veterans at the Delray Beach City Hall to hold a ceremonial bill signing that protects this very dignity they so rightfully deserve.

With the passing of this law, the remains of veterans who have died and lay unclaimed in funeral homes can now receive an honorable burial in a national cemetery.
Sen Sachs with Veterans for HB 171

I also had the honor to be the keynote speaker at the 67th Florida Convention for Jewish War Veterans last Saturday, and personally thanked our armed service men and women.
This organization is the oldest active veterans’ association in the country. My commitment to honor our country and veterans will continue, as we show our appreciation for their sacrifice for our freedom and independence.

Furthermore, I want to thank those who dedicate their lives and careers to public service: our teachers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and local, state and federal civil servants. We appreciate their dedication to our safety and to the protection of our Democracy.

Any veteran who is looking for a job or is having difficulty receiving benefits, please contact my office so that we may assist you.

Happy Fourth of July!