After being sworn in on Tuesday, November 16, 2010, the Florida legislature met for a one day Special Session. In a highlight of the Session proceedings, the legislature voted to release Federal Stimulus funds to relieve the backlog of HVAC and Solar rebates in the State.

In August of this year, the Governor’s office announced a rebate program which would have given help to families installing new energy efficient air conditioners. Within two weeks a disagreement between the Governor and the Republican majority kept the funds for this program locked away. Then Representative Sachs took action immediately, contacting the conservative leadership, insisting that the State must fulfill its promise. Her efforts paid off on Tuesday, when in a Special Session immediately following the inauguration ceremony the House and Senate voted to appropriate funds for the rebates.

Senator Sachs with her husband Peter and mother Anna at her inauguration

$31 million were allocated for the rebates. The funds will first go to those who filed applications for HVAC rebates at the start of the program. The remainder of the funds will then be applied to the solar rebate backlog.

“The Florida Legislature did the right thing today. I am proud that I could do my part to guarantee that the voices of those citizens left with an unfulfilled promise did not go unheard,” Said Senator Sachs. “We did not remain silent and thus this issue was not simply cast aside as a casualty of petty politics. We fought together and a just cause prevailed.”