By Maria Sachs     February 11, 2014   Read the Full Article in Today’s Sun Sentinel

When gambling saloons were a fixture in the Wild West, just about anyone with enough money could set up shop and start gambling. There wasn’t much regulation or oversight, and disputes were often settled by Smith & Wesson.

While we aren’t living in the Wild West, gaming in Florida has reached the point where better oversight and regulation is appropriate and necessary.

Pari-mutuel wagering has been legal in Florida since 1931, and today, there are 16 greyhound tracks, eight horse tracks, and six Jai Alai frontons in the state. Add the seven slot-machine pari-mutuels, the lottery, sweepstakes, Internet cafes and gambling junkets to nowhere, and you have a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to expand.

And that’s not counting the casinos owned and operated by Native-Americans, or the possibility of “destination casinos” that may soon come to Florida.

Our current regulations were not written to oversee such a complex industry.


Read the Full Article in Today’s Sun Sentinel