With nearly 20% of all of Florida’s population aged 65 or older, Maria understand that affordable health care is not a luxury – It is an absolute necessity. The recent health care bill offers immediate benefits to district residents and those living in the greater Palm Beach and Broward county area but our state legislators must do even more to expand care. As a Senator, Maria has sponsored important legislation aimed at securing health benefits, improving child care facilities and promoting disease awareness.

Protecting Health Care Benefits

As the cost of health care rises exponentially, Maria is committed to protecting the state’s most vulnerable communities including the unemployed, seniors and struggling families. Maria is fighting to preserve health benefits for those who rely on state assistance to survive while combing existing programs to wring out wasteful spending.

Advancing Adolescent Care

Maria is a strong advocate for children health initiatives and has sponsored a number of proposals to strengthen care. In the 2011 Legislative Session, she promoted a bill that required state hospitals to perform eye examinations on infants to test for disorders. She also sponsored legislation to strengthen safety measures in childcare facilities.

Promoting Disease Awareness

Senator Sachs strongly believes that promoting disease awareness helps individuals identify risk factors and limit their exposure. Encouraging prevention screening increases the likelihood of early detection. Maria was the primary sponsor of legislation that designated October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Florida.

Alzheimer’s Research

Maria strongly believes we need to make Alzheimer’s Research a priority in the State of Florida.  We have more Alzheimer’s patients here than anywhere in the county and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years, so we can’t afford to wait any longer.  We need to invest in research and find a cure for this disease that affects so many Floridians and their families. To this end, Maria has cosponsored several bills aimed at protecting Alzheimer’s patients and furthering treatment and research programs in Florida.

Visiting my father, who suffered from dementia, at the Veterans Hospital in West Palm Beach

Maria visiting her father, who suffered from dementia, at the Veterans Hospital in West Palm Beach


This past session Maria cosponsored SB 682 which established the Purple Ribbon Task Force within the Florida Department of Elderly Affairs.  The Task Force  will be responsible for developing a State plan to address the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers As a State Senator, Maria also cosponsored  SB 694, the Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care Dignity Act, which ensures that  adult day care centers that provide specialized Alzheimer’s services are licensed and that operators have received sufficient education and experience.
When Maria served in the House of Representatives she sponsored HB 279, which establishes a grant program to encourage counties to implement lifesaver programs to help track Alzheimer’s patients and others who are prone to wander.  Lifesaver programs use small transmitters, which are usually worn on a person’s wrist, to electronically track lost or wandering participants.  Local law enforcement is equipped with the receivers to track the transmitters.  She will continue to push for this bill and other measures aimed at protecting our most vulnerable citizens.