Maria Sachs Legislator


Proven Leadership

In a period of intense partisanship and widespread cynicism, Maria is an example of what it means to be a good representative to the people. While a freshmen legislator in a Republican-controlled House, she still managed to have 5 bills passed into law, while co-sponsoring many more. When she says she’s “fighting for you”, she means it.


Highlight of Legislative Accomplishments – More Expansive List To Be Found Here 


Successfully passed HB 844 – Safeguard Our Seniors: This legislation increases the fines for deliberate manipulation of annuities. In the course of these transactions, existing life insurance policies or annuity contracts, the insurance agents get a commission even as the consumer may get nothing. This legislation authorizes the department of Financial Services to force a crooked agent to make full restitution to a senior who has been defrauded.

Successfully passed HB 1317 – Condo/Homeowner Foreclosure Bill: Provides & revises provisions relating to community associations, including insurance requirements, fire alarm systems, definitions, duties of owners & associations, meetings, officers, governance, fines, etc.; creates “Distressed Condominium Relief Act” to provide regulatory provisions to bulk assignees & bulk buyers; repeals provision relating to public elevators & emergency operation plans.

Successfully passed HB 1455 – Veterans Bill: Prohibits person from falsely representing himself or herself as member of or representing U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard for purpose of solicitation of charitable contributions or participation in charitable or sponsor sales promotion.

Successfully passed HB 723 – Education Bill: Authorizes state universities & community colleges to waive tuition & fees for public school classroom teachers for courses in mathematics, science and special education. Requires State Board of Education rulemaking; prohibits cause of action against state university for actions or decisions of state university student government, etc.

Successfully sponsored HB 207 – Foreign Languages Bill: Expands the number of languages available for teacher certification from 4 to 15. Allows teachers seeking certification in a world language to demonstrate mastery through a subject area exam.

Successfully co-sponsored HB 65 – Firefighter Death Benefits Bill: Revises provisions providing death benefits for firefighters. Expands activities entitling firefighters to death benefits to include participation in training exercises and injury by an unlawful and intentional act which results in death. Provides legislative findings that the act fulfils an important state interest.

Successfully sponsored HR 9107 – Florida’s Athletes and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness: Honors Florida’s athletes for their athletic endeavors, commends Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness for its leadership, & recognizes Chris Evert for her contributions in promoting physical fitness.