We watched the aftermath of the horrific and tragic events in Newtown six months ago, and the feelings I felt at that time are still all too fresh. We cried as a nation, as parents, and as a community united with the families who have suffered so much. The weight of the most horrific loss fathomable still weighs heavily on my heart.

Newtown is in the thoughts and prayers of communities across our country and the world, and I am grateful to be a part of a community recognizing that solidarity for Newtown here in South Florida. Like so many of us, I wanted to react. I wanted to do something to not only help the Newtown community, but to prevent future violence. As a mother, I want to protect my children. As an attorney, I want to defend the victims. As a legislator, I want to advocate for the safety of all of us.

The causes of violence are complex, but we cannot be silent. I am working tirelessly to improve access for mental health services. If you want to join me to fight for greater funding and help for those in distress, I invite you to contact me and my office so that all of us will work together. I will be your voice, and I will fight to help end this senseless violence.