After more than a decade of attempts to create safety in the parasailing industry, the “White-Miskell Act” officially becomes law today. Before now, Florida had virtually no laws to ensure parasailing was safe.

Unfortunately, it took too long and too many tragedies for safety regulations to finally be implemented for this water sport. As the sponsor and long-time champion of the bill, I’m proud to stand beside the parasail industry at Aloha Water Sports to mark the important milestone.

The new law, named for Amber White, a teenager who died in a parasailing tragedy in 2007, and Kathleen Miskell, a tourist who died in a parasailing accident in 2012, prohibits commercial parasailing during sustained winds of 20 mph or higher, when gusts are more than 25 mph, when rain or fog diminishes visibility by less than a half mile or lightning storms are detected within seven miles. The law also requires operators maintain a valid license and carry a minimum insurance policy.

Present at today’s event was Representative Gwendolyn Clarke-Reed, Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher, Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) Executive Director Larry Meddock, WSIA Parasail Division Chair Matt Dvorak and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Regional Director Chuck Collins.

The parasailing and press conference was held on Thursday, October 2, 2014 on the beach at Aloha Water Sports (behind Marriott Harbor Beach Resort)