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November 3 2012

To the Editor:

This is a first time for me. Never before in the thirty-six years of carrying the label Nobel Peace Prize Laureate have I felt it necessary to write such a letter to the editor of any newspaper.

However, as a woman who stood with  many other thousands of women in Northern Ireland against violence and injustice, I feel compelled to put pen to paper.

It is difficult to watch anyone being pummeled by personal attacks. It hurts even more when the person being attacked is a dear friend of many years.

Senator Maria Sachs is such a friend. I know Maria very well. She has stood shoulder to shoulder with me to build the first “City of Peace” for children.

Maria Sachs has been an advocate for all that is right in the world, such as fighting for the rights of children against the powerful who want to traffic in child slavery; fighting for the rights of the environment against the moneyed interests of oil companies, and fighting for the rights of the women against those in power who want to subjugate them.

I believe the American people are aware of the power of advertising. Money talks, we all know that, but when it is used to buy personal attacks against a fine lady and mislead the public it must be challenged. Do not allow this to happen to one of the best women you have in politics today. I say this as a Nobel Peace Laureate. I stand behind Maria’s courage to fight for what is right, not only in America, but in the world. Please consider this my endorsement of Maria Sachs.


Betty Williams

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate