ABC News Story featuring Sen. Maria Sachs on Parasailing Regualtions

This past Friday I spoke on ABC News about my fight to put Florida’s parasailing industry under better regulations.

The tragedy that occurred in Panama City with the two young tourists last week sent shock waves throughout the country as the video of the accident went viral.

Most people who go parasailing in Florida, both tourists and Floridians, don’t realize that too many commercial parasail operators are underinsured and under regulated.

If you want to do business in the state of Florida, then you need to comply with the most stringent requirements for safety because we are a destination resort.

We want to make sure that everybody understands that if they want to enjoy our beautiful beaches and the parasailing opportunities, they need to operate safely, that they are regulated by the state and that they have full insurance requirements.

I intend to refile the bill next session and am already gaining bi-partisan support for its passage.

The tragedy is that it’s taken another accident to prove that we need safety regulations in place.