Parasailing is one of the most exciting water sports participated in by natives and tourists in Florida.  Many people are shocked to learn about the lack of safety regulations and insurance requirements.  Senator Sachs is sponsoring a bill that requires commercial parasailing companies to carry insurance, to have an employee on the boat to monitor customers in the air, and to ensure that drivers stop services when weather conditions are unfavorable.  The bill will makes its first committee stop in the next Regulated Industries committee meeting on February 5 starting at 2 pm.

The meeting can be watched live here.

Senator Sachs was interviewed by Florida Public Radio for story regarding the parasailing bill which can be read here.

The story focuses on one of the teenage girls from Indiana who was involved in a horrific parasailing accident this past summer in Florida. The story gives details regarding the accident and her injuries and explains her reasons for coming to Tallahassee to testify at the committee meeting.