The most important asset most Americans own is their home. The thought of your insurance company not having the funds to cover property losses is scary enough, but becomes an nightmare during the middle of hurricane season. Today, Floridians who have Citizen’s Insurance need to be informed of the truth behind the financial liquidity of the insurance company of last resort.

Insurance is one of the issues that the legislature controls, and is one of the top issues that affects my district, especially the coastal communities and those who live east of I95.

For this reason, I am hosting a workshop, not a political forum, but an opportunity to talk directly with insurance experts on the best insurance coverage for your particular needs and budget. I invite all homeowners, as well as business owners, to bring their policies with them as they will have an opportunity to discuss their particular insurance needs directly with the experts.

Our first workshop will be held in Lauderdale by the Sea, the second in Pompano Beach. All will be hosted by the mayors of those cities.
Contact my office to set up one for your city or HOA today.