Florida-Israel Trade Mission

“It is with great excitement and expectation that I announce my plans to work with Israel to develop new trade partnerships. I am honored by the opportunity to bring new economic opportunities to Florida and to work closely with the leaders of Israel, our great friend and ally.” –Rep Sachs

On October 21, 2010 Rep. Sachs  traveled to Israel with the purpose of expanding trade relations between the State of Florida and the Country of Israel. Israel is a world leader in biotechnology and alternative energy research, boasting the most technically trained workforce in the world, with 135 engineers per 10,000 citizens. Israel is also a long valued allied and trade partner, from with which much can be learned and shared. In order to create a sustainable and vibrant 21st century economy, Florida must utilize existing resources and research infrastructure to promote a diverse array of high tech industries in our state.

“Developing a green energy industry in Florida will diversify our economy, creating more stable and sustainable avenues for growth. This new sector will create hundreds of thousands of high tech jobs in research, manufacturing, and distribution. By working with our friends in Israel, we can develop this new sector faster and better and can bring new growth to both of our economies sooner.” Said Rep Sachs.

Rep Sachs has long been a proponent of renewable energy and smart, sustainable economic models as a member of Energy and Utilities Policy Committee and through her many policy forums including the 21st Century Energy Summit and Energy Blue Ribbon Committee.