I am proud to announce that The Palm Beach Post has endorsed my candidacy for State Senate in District 34.

The Palm Beach Post

The momentum is swinging in our favor. My opponent’s negative ads have been debunked and there is nothing left to hide the extreme right-wing leadership bankrolling her campaign.

This endorsement compares our voting records and reports that my record reflects the values and principles of our community. The Post endorsement points out that my opponent, Ms. Bogdanoff, supports the “reckless legislation the too-powerful Republican majority has been eager to pass. Electing Sen. Sachs could help deny Republicans the two-thirds supermajority that too often lets them drop any pretense of bipartisanship.”

I have a record of standing up for those issues that best serve the people of Palm Beach and coastal Broward.

My Key Priorities Are:

Reducing the cost of property insurance – not supporting the excesses of
Citizens Insurance

Supporting a strong public education so that we can invest in Florida’s future

Promoting and protecting our veterans and our seniors

Supporting the independence of our judiciary

These last two weeks are critical as early voting begins Saturday, October 27th.

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors in our community. Forward this blog post on to your friends. If you want to help out – please respond  here  and we’ll get in touch.

We need everyone’s support to win this critical race!