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Senator Sachs filed an amendment to Senate Bill 1030 last week.  SB 1030, as originally proposed, would impose a flat-out ban on all games of chance.  The measure would outlaw the much-maligned “internet cafes,” but would also affect adult arcades.  The bill would ban arcades from giving away gift cards and prohibit the accumulation of points.  Senator Sachs’ amendment created a distinction in the bill, which would effectively ban internet cafes and still allow the arcades to operate under the current laws.

As Vice Chair of the Gaming Committee, Senator Sachs raised questions about the bill’s impact on our senior population. These senior arcades are authorized under a different statute than internet cafes.  There are estimated to be nearly 1000 senior arcades across the state. Despite the fact that Senator Sachs’ amendment was not included in the bill, her attempts have created a discussion and opened the eyes of many lawmakers to see the benefits of the senior arcades to the overall populations and to the family amusement centers such as Boomers, Dave & Busters, and Chuck E. Cheese’s.