Senator Sachs, who has always been an avid supporter of Film Florida, met with Chris Ranung from the Congress of Motion Picture Associations in order to discuss financial incentive programs and other legislative priorities of the film industry.

Chris Ranung

Financial incentive programs have encouraged filming in Florida, and have led to projects such as Marley & Me, Transporter 2, and Burn Notice to be filmed in South Florida.  Florida’s most recent Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program was created in 2010.  Since the inception of the program, 246 projects have been certified. Those projects have created 160,537 positions for Floridians totaling $788,811,436 in wages.

Marley and Me                  Burn Notice


Senator Sachs believes the program brings benefits to the state beyond the traditional revenues from production-related activities through the prominent placement of our state’s tourism assets in popular movies and television shows.