Senator Sachs has announced plans to protect children in daycare vehicles through new legislation.  The proposed law would require that child safety alarms be installed in all commercial which transport children.

This legislation is in response to a disturbing increase in the number of children forgetten in vehicles.  In 2010 alone, fifty children have died of heat stroke after being left in a vehicle in the United States, with five of those occuring in Florida.  One of these children, two-year old Haile Brockington from Senator Sachs’ District, was left for hours in a sweltering day care van, resulting in her tragic death.

Since the tragedy, Senator Sachs has reached out to Haile’s family, meeting with the girl’s mother to discuss this necessary legislation.

“I am pleased that Haile’s mother has given her blessing to file this legislation in honor and memory of Haile.  The new legislation will be called The Haile Brockington Bill and will ensure that this horrible tragedy did not happen in vain,” said Senator Sachs, “The installation of these safety alarms will serve to protect our most vulnerable citizens in commercial care.  We must do this for the children.”