Hurricane season began June 1.  I want to remind all Florida residents to remain vigilant during hurricane season. Whether or not you have been through a hurricane before, always keep in mind that no two storms are the same. In addition to the dangers of hurricane winds and rain, this is a reminder that some of the most dangerous aspects of a hurricane are flooding, tornadoes, rip currents and fires.  If you live east of I-95, the threat of flooding, rip currents and tornadoes may be higher during a hurricane. During the storm, remember to stay indoors, even when the eye is passing overhead, and do not open your windows until after the storm is over.

It is my priority to make sure the constituents in my district, and around Florida, are ready for what this season may have in store. The office has compiled a list of emergency contacts and disaster preparedness suggestions so that everyone may be as well prepared as possible this hurricane season. If you have any questions or need contact information, please contact this office.