A Sworn Affidavit Exposing the negative limo ads as 100% false

Two claims have been made by a negative political campaign concerning Maria Sachs’ transportation expenses:

  • That Ms. Sachs billed luxury limousines as a travel expense for her legislative office
  • That in 85 cases Maria Sachs billed travel expenses for services from Wall Street Transportation company that she did not use so that she could personally pocket the money.

Below is an affidavit, a signed legal document, which falsifies both of these claims by the Ellyn Bogdanoff campaign.

Here it is typed below:

Wall Street Transportation company, based in Coral Springs, Fl, hereby affirms that the following are true

1) that this company operates airport car service, with all permits, licenses and and commercial insurance required by each of the three counties  to and from the major South Florida airports.


2) That Maria Sachs used this company for transportation to Fort Lauderdale and the Miami airports in order to catch commercial flights to and from Tallahassee, Fl.


3) That the type of vehicle used was a sedan or available SUV (at no extra cost). At no time did Mrs. Sachs request or use a stretch limousine.


4). That the trip charges were negotiated to the lowest rates that we offer and below the standard rate of other competitors who also maintain the proper permits, licensing and insurance required by each individual county.


5). A negative political campaign has recently accused Maria Sachs of feigning the use of our service for the 85 trips below; she has in fact used our service for those trips. 

Sworn Testimony Debunking Limo Ads