• Jewish Federation Visits The Capitol Jewish Federation Visits The Capitol

    Jewish Federation Visits The Capitol

Jewish Federation Visits The Capitol

(photo above: Senator Sachs with (left to right) Stuart Silver, Jill Rose, Gary Hertzberg, Marissa Trowbridge & Andy Robins from the South Palm Beach Jewish Federation )

Senator Sachs welcomed several members of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County to the Capitol. The group traveled to Tallahassee to talk to Senator Sachs about continuing their mission to build a strong, caring Jewish community at home and abroad.

The organization relies on private donors to help finance their efforts to feed the hungry, care for the elderly including many Holocaust survivors, and provide disaster emergency support to the community.  They also focus on education efforts to engage Jewish youth in the area.

Senator Sachs commends the Federation, “For many years, the Jewish Federation’s philanthropic efforts have helped many people of all faiths in the South Florida. It is with a great sense of pride that I welcome members of the Federation from my district to the Capitol.”



  • Groundbreaking of Sinai Residences at the Jewish Federation Groundbreaking of Sinai Residences at the Jewish Federation

    Groundbreaking of Sinai Residences at the Jewish Federation

Groundbreaking of Sinai Residences at the Jewish Federation

Senator Sachs attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sinai Residences at the campus of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

The ceremony was a joyous occasion as the many partners who worked to make this project a reality celebrated the construction of the new retirement community on the Federation campus in Boca Raton.

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  • Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah

    Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah

Happy New Year, L’shanah Tovah

We’d like to extend our warmest wishes for this New Year.

L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!


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  • Happy Independence Day! Happy Independence Day!

    Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

In celebration of our Nation’s Independence, I would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to our veterans, their families and their loved ones. Our veterans know sacrifice. They sacrifice for their country and for the freedom of people they may have never met. They are loyal to each other and our nation; that is their duty. Our duty as citizens is to protect the honor of those who sacrifice for our freedom – during their service, after their service, and in their passing, so that they may continue to live in dignity, here and in our memory.

SB 370 / HB 171 Ceremonial Bill Signing

Last Friday, Governor Rick Scott joined me and our local veterans at the Delray Beach City Hall to hold a ceremonial bill signing that protects this very dignity they so rightfully deserve.

With the passing of this law, the remains of veterans who have died and lay unclaimed in funeral homes can now receive an honorable burial in a national cemetery.
Sen Sachs with Veterans for HB 171

I also had the honor to be the keynote speaker at the 67th Florida Convention for Jewish War Veterans last Saturday, and personally thanked our armed service men and women.
This organization is the oldest active veterans’ association in the country. My commitment to honor our country and veterans will continue, as we show our appreciation for their sacrifice for our freedom and independence.

Furthermore, I want to thank those who dedicate their lives and careers to public service: our teachers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and local, state and federal civil servants. We appreciate their dedication to our safety and to the protection […]

Happy Passover!

Sen. Sachs would like to wish all of her Jewish constituents a Happy Passover!




During the past week she met with Rabbi Schneur Oirechman to celebrate the start of Passover (which begins Monday evening, March 25).

Senator Sachs’ friendship with Rabbi Oirechman began over a year ago when he accompanied the Senator on her trip to Israel. Passover commemorates the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and their departure from slavery to freedom.

Passover’s main ritual is the seder, which occurs on the first night (or the first two nights) of the holiday–a festive meal that involves the re-enactment of the Exodus through stories, songs, and ritual foods, such as matzah.

As part of his visit, Rabbi Oirechman brought handmade matzah to the Senator.

New Law Cosponsored by Senator Sachs Protects Security of Israel

“By enacting this law, Florida is leading the way in combating terrorism,” said Senator Sachs. 

Senator Sachs joins members of the Jewish Federation at the bill signing ceremony.

Senator Maria Sachs joined members of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County to mark the signing of Senate Bill 792, “The Financial Institutions Act.”

“When it comes to protecting Israel there are no Democrats or Republicans, there is only a focus on protecting our most important ally.  This must be our number one priority”


The security of Israel is protected through measures included in this new law.

On a recent trade mission to Israel, Senator Sachs discusses our continual support of Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On a recent trade mission to Israel, Senator Sachs discusses our continual support of Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The bi-partisan measure imposes new rules on state-chartered financial institutions to certify that their corresponding banks are not engaged in federally-prohibited activities with Iranian-linked counterparts. The financial restrictions would also apply to any other terrorist organization designated by the United States.

The intent of the law is to keep Iranian-financed terrorists from laundering money through banks chartered […]

Call for Applications: Senator Sachs’ Jewish/Israeli Council (JIC)

Senator Sachs is forming a Jewish/Israeli Council (JIC) which will discuss local and international issues pertinent to the Jewish community and all friends of Israel.  This council will meet quarterly with special guest speakers and provide policy recommendations directly to the Senator.  She encourages anyone who is interested in a position on the Council to apply by contacting her office at 561-279-1427.

Senator Sachs Honors Holocaust Victims

Message from Maria:
“In these days of tumult, it is especially important that we focus our attention on the security of our long time ally, Israel. Bound by our common ideals of democracy and freedom, Israel and the United States, must work together now for the safety of the region and the world.”

On January 31, 2011, Senator Sachs attended the United Holocaust Memorial Museum South Florida Luncheon. Senator Sachs, a Regional Leader, and her husband Peter have been long time supporters of the UHMM, as Vice-Chairs of the luncheon and members of the Wings of Memory Society. They were joined by Peter’s parents, Sam and Nina, both holocaust survivors, who were moved to tears by the gripping film shown during the luncheon, featuring witnesses to the atrocities carried out in Lithuania and Poland. “It is an honor to support this fine organization with my husband and our family,” said Senator Sachs, “We must never forget these horrible events and the difficult lessons we learned about man’s capacity for evil and the resilience of the human spirit.”

Reaching out to the Community

Reaching out to the Community

Senator Sachs recently celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Shirley and Barton Weisman Delray Community Center in Delray Beach, FL. The center, sponsored by Ruth Rales Jewish Family Services, provides valuable services to the community including financial counseling, educational and social services, elderly assistance, and volunteer outreach programs.

After speaking at the Grand Opening Senator Sachs commented “I am so proud to be able to work alongside and support these wonderful community leaders. This center will bring much needed help to many people here in Palm Beach County.”

Learn more at www.ruthralesjfs.org

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Rep Sachs’ Announces Trade Mission to Israel

Florida-Israel Trade Mission

“It is with great excitement and expectation that I announce my plans to work with Israel to develop new trade partnerships. I am honored by the opportunity to bring new economic opportunities to Florida and to work closely with the leaders of Israel, our great friend and ally.” –Rep Sachs

On October 21, 2010 Rep. Sachs  traveled to Israel with the purpose of expanding trade relations between the State of Florida and the Country of Israel. Israel is a world leader in biotechnology and alternative energy research, boasting the most technically trained workforce in the world, with 135 engineers per 10,000 citizens. Israel is also a long valued allied and trade partner, from with which much can be learned and shared. In order to create a sustainable and vibrant 21st century economy, Florida must utilize existing resources and research infrastructure to promote a diverse array of high tech industries in our state.

“Developing a green energy industry in Florida will diversify our economy, creating more stable and sustainable avenues for growth. This new sector will create hundreds of thousands of high tech jobs in research, manufacturing, and distribution. By working with our friends in Israel, we can develop this new sector faster and better and can bring new growth to both of our economies sooner.” Said Rep Sachs.

Rep Sachs has long been a proponent of renewable energy and smart, sustainable economic models as a member of Energy and Utilities Policy Committee and through her many policy forums including the 21st Century Energy Summit and Energy Blue Ribbon Committee.

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