Live with Lori TV Show

Though women make up more than half the state’s population, we are not well represented in the state legislature.

“Live with Lori” is a political news show that takes place in the kitchen- an innovative idea but one that reflects the reality- that many of our best ideas are born from our home and hearth.

The full show airs this Thursday – stay tuned for more details.


Pro-Tempore Nomination Speech


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Thank you, Leader Nan Rich, Leader Chris Smith, our esteemed guests, and all fellow Democrats and fellow Senators

We come here together to celebrate a very historic tradition. And that is –  we put politics aside and we move forward as the new Senate. I accept this nomination with great humility, and great pride and gratitude to Leader Smith for entrusting me with this responsibility. I will serve all of you to the best of my abilities.


I’d like to thank the love of my life, Peter, for giving me the opportunity and the time away, as you know, the Smith family and your children- to serve in my childhood dream of becoming a Senator here in the State of Florida. And I want to note to my mom, who couldn’t be with us today. I want to thank my mom for having the courage to leave her country as a young war bride and come to this country and instill in each of her children the dream of America. That even a little kid out of downtown Detroit could be standing before you here today. I want to thank my children, Natasha Marcello and Taylor, for taking leave of absence from their jobs to help their mom in the campaign.


And I want to thank President-designate Don Gaetz for leading us forward as we embark on this new adventure of the Senate.


Well, politics is over and our policy is beginning. We convene here today as the new Democratic caucus; born of freshly drawn districts, new lines, new constituents  new challenges, but always, always we are the Democratic caucus. And we speak as one.


This great peninsula we call Florida is not made just of clay and mud and […]

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Sworn Testimony Debunking Limo Ads

A Sworn Affidavit Exposing the negative limo ads as 100% false

Two claims have been made by a negative political campaign concerning Maria Sachs’ transportation expenses:

  • That Ms. Sachs billed luxury limousines as a travel expense for her legislative office
  • That in 85 cases Maria Sachs billed travel expenses for services from Wall Street Transportation company that she did not use so that she could personally pocket the money.

Below is an affidavit, a signed legal document, which falsifies both of these claims by the Ellyn Bogdanoff campaign.

Here it is typed below:

Wall Street Transportation company, based in Coral Springs, Fl, hereby affirms that the following are true

1) that this company operates airport car service, with all permits, licenses and and commercial insurance required by each of the three counties  to and from the major South Florida airports.


2) That Maria Sachs used this company for transportation to Fort Lauderdale and the Miami airports in order to catch commercial flights to and from Tallahassee, Fl.


3) That the type of vehicle used was a sedan or available SUV (at no extra cost). At no time did Mrs. Sachs request or use a stretch limousine.


4). That the trip charges were negotiated to the lowest rates that we offer and below the standard rate of other competitors who also maintain the proper permits, licensing and insurance required by each individual county.


5). A negative political campaign has recently accused Maria Sachs of feigning the use of our service for the 85 trips below; she has in fact used our service for those trips. 

Sworn Testimony Debunking Limo Ads

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“Sachs fights for causes that matter”

Printed by the Palm Beach Post- Article 

November 3 2012

To the Editor:

This is a first time for me. Never before in the thirty-six years of carrying the label Nobel Peace Prize Laureate have I felt it necessary to write such a letter to the editor of any newspaper.

However, as a woman who stood with  many other thousands of women in Northern Ireland against violence and injustice, I feel compelled to put pen to paper.

It is difficult to watch anyone being pummeled by personal attacks. It hurts even more when the person being attacked is a dear friend of many years.

Senator Maria Sachs is such a friend. I know Maria very well. She has stood shoulder to shoulder with me to build the first “City of Peace” for children.

Maria Sachs has been an advocate for all that is right in the world, such as fighting for the rights of children against the powerful who want to traffic in child slavery; fighting for the rights of the environment against the moneyed interests of oil companies, and fighting for the rights of the women against those in power who want to subjugate them.

I believe the American people are aware of the power of advertising. Money talks, we all know that, but when it is used to buy personal attacks against a fine lady and mislead the public it must be challenged. Do not allow this to happen to one of the best women you have in politics today. I say this as a Nobel Peace Laureate. I […]

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“Sachs over Bogdanoff” – Palm Beach Post Endorsement!

 I am proud to announce that The Palm Beach Post has endorsed my candidacy for State Senate in District 34.

The Palm Beach Post

The momentum is swinging in our favor. My opponent’s negative ads have been debunked and there is nothing left to hide the extreme right-wing leadership bankrolling her campaign.

This endorsement compares our voting records and reports that my record reflects the values and principles of our community. The Post endorsement points out that my opponent, Ms. Bogdanoff, supports the “reckless legislation the too-powerful Republican majority has been eager to pass. Electing Sen. Sachs could help deny Republicans the two-thirds supermajority that too often lets them drop any pretense of bipartisanship.”

I have a record of standing up for those issues that best serve the people of Palm Beach and coastal Broward.

My Key Priorities Are:

Reducing the cost of property insurance – not supporting the excesses of
Citizens Insurance

Supporting a strong public education so that we can invest in Florida’s future

Promoting and protecting our veterans and our seniors

Supporting the independence of our judiciary

These last two weeks are critical as early voting begins Saturday, October 27th.

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors in our community. Forward this blog post on to your friends. If you want to help out – please respond  here  and we’ll get in touch.

We need everyone’s support to win this critical race!

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Latest TV Ad – Invest in Education

Invest in Education

I want to share with you our latest ad. It showcases my top priorities for education. We must protect our public schools from crippling budget cuts that threaten our children and their future. From my own life growing up, I know how vital it is that we all have access to top quality public school education, and we need to make sure everyone in Florida has the same opportunity for achievement and success.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Palm Beach County Classroom Teacher’s Association. More information here:

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Video: Sen. Sachs discusses child safety and the Haile Brockington Act on To The Point w/Kelley Dunn

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Senator Sachs Shines at Private Town Hall

State Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, received a warm welcome Wednesday at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton, where she was invited to speak at a private “town hall” for club members and their guests.

For homeowners in Woodfield, Sachs’ personal anecdotes and humorous stories about governing in Florida were enough to keep everyone’s attention, but what they really wanted to hear about was SB 530. This is a bill that will grant more authority to homeowners associations all over Florida, which are feeling a shared burden of concern about deadbeat owners and tenants who do not keep up with their fees. The cost then becomes the joint responsibility of those living in the community to make up for the losses. Residents were relieved to hear the hopeful update on the law awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature, which was co-introduced by Sachs and scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2011. Sachs, a defense attorney with her own firm, has worked on this issue for several years now, and considers it a top priority.

As a longtime member of the Boca Raton community, the senator seems to have a true understanding of the local needs in this district. She is bringing the discussion of redistricting to the forefront, and rallying her constituents to attend a future workshop on the controversial issue. The workshop will be held later this summer in Delray Beach. Several other topics were discussed in an informal, often humorous exchange between Sachs and invited guests. Among the hottest issues: high speed rail, illegal immigration, Florida insurance rates, drug testing for welfare recipients — and a crowd favorite, Gov. Scott.

About the author: Michele Kirk is a former tax reform activist turned political […]

Announcing Rep. Sachs’s Campaign for State Senate District 30


Your Voice in Tallahassee

As I work on this issue for the people of south Florida, I am encouraged by the progress we’re making

In the past four years as State Representative, I have worked hard to be sure that the voices of the people of my House district are heard. In that regard, six new laws have been passed because of our efforts.

I now have the opportunity to enhance our voices in the government. As a Senator, the partnerships that I have formed as State Representative will be put to good use. It will give me the ability to do more and to speak louder for the people of Palm Beach and Broward counties.

We’ve all been partners in building a better south Florida. I look forward to completing this immediate task of public transportation and implementing federal funds. I encourage all to contact me with their thoughts and ideas. Once this task is completed, I will begin in earnest my campaign for the Senate.

I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to continue the work I’ve begun as your State Representative.

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