March 9, 2011 was designated as Palm Beach County Day in Tallahassee, FL.  During this time, Senator Sachs announced her intent to co-sponsor legislation with Senator Margolis and State Representative Berman that prohibits the sale and use of high-capacity ammunition feeding devices and increases the penalties for carrying weapons onto school property.  Senator Sachs worked closely with County Commissioner Aaronson and Representative Berman when crafting this legislation.  “This bill places reasonable restrictions on the use of weapons and firearms that will keep all of us, especially our children, safe,” said Senator Sachs at the press conference.  “In Palm Beach County we are being proactive to protect our citizens and we hope to lead the way for the rest of the state.”

Senator Sachs also warmly welcomed representatives from her district throughout the day.  “Thank you so much to all those that visited Tallahassee for Palm Beach County Day,” said Senator Sachs.  “It was a pleasure hosting all of you in our state’s capitol.  As always it is an honor representing our beautiful and diverse community.”