Florida Purple Heart Day

August 7, 2013 is Florida’s second annual Purple Heart Day.

Legislation I sponsored last year sets August 7th as Annual Day of Honor for Florida’s Purple Heart Recipients. This means that Florida, a state with a large population of Veterans, has finally joined other states around the nation in recognizing and honoring  those who have sacrificed so much for our nation’s ideals.

In honor of my father, who was awarded two Purple Hearts in his lifetime of service, I sponsor legislation every year on behalf of our Florida Veterans. Please contact my office for ideas for next year’s session.

Honoring Our Purple Heart Veterans

Senator Sachs’ resolution to declare Florida a Purple Heart State passed by unanimous vote on opening day.  Senator Sachs’ father, Lt Col Russell F. Lorts (dec), served in World War II and was awarded two Purple Hearts for injuries inflicted during combat in North Africa and Italy.

Purple Heart

This resolution was in honor of him and all the other men and women who have served our country in the military.  Senator Sachs has always made a conscious effort to support veterans and active service members.  Last year, Senator Sachs sponsored the Purple Heart Day Bill which proposed to make August 7th of each year “Purple Heart Day” in Florida.

First Purple Heart Day in Tallahassee

Please take a moment to read about Tallahassee’s inaugural Purple Heart Day celebration, naming August 7th as Annual Day of Honor for Florida’s Purple Heart Recipients through legislation sponsored myself and Delray Democrats:




The Purple Heart: For Military Merit

Senator Sachs always focuses on filing and passing meaningful legislation to honor and protect Florida’s many veterans.

This year it is to honor those who, through combat wounds, earned the military honor of the Purple Heart.  Senator Sachs’ Dad, a World War II veteran, received two Purple Hearts in combat while serving in the U.S. Army.

If you know someone who has received this award, alive or deceased, please contact our office.  The official bill signing will be on the day of its first celebration in Tallahassee.  These names will be read at the ceremony in their honor.

Capitol Update April 7, 2011

The Coalition for Independent Living Options hosted a rally on the proposed cuts in Boynton Beach. Senator Sachs met with hundreds of outraged parents, teachers, and the disabled, all of whom are put in jeopardy by the proposed cuts

Sen. Sachs Fights for Vulnerable Citizens in Budget Debate

The budget was the focus of debate this week in the Florida Senate. The republican controlled legislature proposed a litany of draconian budget cuts that, if passed, would adversely affect the elderly, the disabled, public employees and our children.   The many services that would be impacted include the Medicaid Aged and Disabled (MEDS-AD) program that would be completely eliminated, as well as a $5 million cut from Community Care for the Elderly.  The Agency for Persons with Disabilities would also be slashed, diminishing services for those in need by $90 million.  If these cuts are approved, only “physician services” will qualify for funding through Medicaid waivers and many people with disabilities will be forced from community care into institutions.

Florida’s state employees, who are already paid far less than the national average, including our firefighters and teachers, would be required to take a 5% pay cut in order to continue receiving their current benefits for retirement.

Florida’s children will be shortchanged with anticipated cuts to education and vital children’s […]

Capitol Update March 18

Senator Sachs’ Greyhound Bill Races through Committee

Senator Maria Sachs successfully passed her greyhound racing bill (SB 1594) through the Regulated Industries Committee yesterday.

Though once popular, greyhound racing has seen a steady decline in popularity over the past 20 years, with the amount gambled on live dog racing declining by 57% in the last 8 years. Despite this trend, the number of dog races mandated by the state has remained constant.  Senator Sachs’ proposed bill would end the requirement to hold a full schedule of live races and would instead allow market demand to shape the greyhound racing industry.

“It is not the place of government to mandate that businesses operate at a loss,” said Senator Sachs. “Instead, it is time that we move forward and free our taxpayers from subsidizing a dying industry.”

Racetracks which have seen their revenues fall are still required to run live dog races at a loss.  This contributes to shrinking resources to take care of the dogs.  Tragically, this has led to recent instances of animal neglect and even death. By removing the requirement to race greyhounds, the bill will ensure that only those with the interest and ability to properly care for their dogs continue to run live races.

“In these troubling economic times, we must remember that not only can businesses suffer but also the noble greyhounds that have given so much to this industry,” concluded Sachs.

Senator Sachs’ Purple Heart Day Bill Receives Unanimous Support

Senator Maria Sachs’ Purple Heart Day […]